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Am profoundly disappointed we have gotten to this point, Court said on the House floor. I am profoundly disappointed in you, colleagues, because you have disappointed 65 percent of your constituents. Sixty five percent of Coloradans want this. Insomnia The arrival of a new baby often brings broken nights, but a PND sufferer will often be unable to sleep even when the baby is sleeping. Often the other symptoms will seem worse at night, lying awake and alone with no distractions. When she finally does get to sleep she may well be woken by nightmares..

It’s bad enough to get a text message from your girlfriend when you know she’s driving a car, but when your dad hits you with an ROFL while he’s on the road driving a big rig, you know several things are wrong (ROFL). Government today formally banned truckers and bus drivers from texting while behind the wheel. A July study found that when truckers text they are 23 times more likely to crash or freak out a fellow motorist by slowly changing lanes while looking into their lap like they’re dead.

“The atmosphere down here on the ground level doesn’t match what you see on TV,” Lentz told me later. “People are frustrated and very concerned, but angry? I don’t see much of that. You get a certain percentage a small percentage of people who get their news from Fox and MSNBC.

Planned for release sometime around 2020/2021 (with Tiger Lake), Gen12 graphics features a complete overhaul of Execution Unit in a way we haven’t seen since i965 debut. There will be less hardware logic that checks data for coherency, possibly resulting in lower latency and higher performance. Which in turn will be much faster than whatever Intel brings to the table in 1 2 years for its APUs..

The betrayalIt’s important to understand the depth of betrayal that has just been committed by the GOP members of the US Senate. Democratic members of the Senate, of course, have always voted for S.510 because it’s a bill that expands the power of government and will unleash an army of FDA inspectors who roam the countryside harassing farmers and small growers. The expansion of government power over the People has almost always been unanimously supported by Democratic Senators..

Side lying leg raises: Lie on the right side of the body on a weight bench (or bed at home) with hips near the edge and legs extended, so they hanging off the edge and feet are resting on the ground. Keep back straight, and pelvis tucked in. Lift the left leg until it 30 to 45 degrees above horizontal, then slowly lower back to start.

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