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The late night euphoria followed a long and wide ranging debate that in many times epitomized the entire journey. In the final hours of the process, council members introduced new ideas; revisited decisions that had already been settled; took narrow votes and broad swipes at one another; and, ultimately, reached a compromise. Though Holman and Kou concluded that the new document does not adequately address the impacts of future growth and voted against adoption, the majority agreed that the decision is long past due..

Today she is an inspiration for many young Ladakhi girls. Riding a 350 cc Royal Enfield Bullet Bike and displaying acrobatics and daredevil stunts was an example to the entire women folk that anything and everything is possible for you.4. Prakash Ranjan MishraOnly the name of IPS officer Prakash Ranjan Mishra is like a bad dream for Naxalites.

The practical need to understand sea level along the coasts, such as for safe navigation given the spatially variable tides, has resulted in tide gauge observations having the distinction of being some of the longest instrumental ocean records. Archives of these records, along with geological constraints, have allowed us to identify the century scale rise in global sea level. Additional data sources, particularly satellite altimetry missions, have helped us to better identify the rates and causes of sea level rise and the mechanisms leading to spatial variability in the observed rates.

The third war between India and Pakistan had begun, but so had the war between east and west Pakistan and the creation of new state Bangladesh.The Indian troops crossed into east Pakistan and began to fight side by side with the east Pakistani group Mukti Bahini a group that had been fighting the troops from west Pakistan. At the same time, troops from west Pakistan tried to enter Kashmir but were pushed back. This was a clear violation of the agreement that had been signed in the 1960s.The war escalated further when American warships from the seventh fleet headed for the Bangladeshi city of Dhaka, but before they could reach their destination, the Soviets, in support of India, dispatched its own fleet.

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