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Plusieurs personnes pourraient jouer du piano pendant 27 heures, mais combien pourraient jouer avec la mme intensit 200 morceaux dans tous les styles musicaux sans partitions? J’ai fait appel mes super pouvoirs: une mmoire musicale assez vaste et un ego qui m’aide surmonter mes limites physiques. C’est a, mon gnie musical. Je n’ai jamais dit que j’avais plus de got que les autres; au contraire, je crois que j’en ai moins parce que je suis capable de tout aimer.

At the Recommended Customer Price (RCP) of $513, the 9900KS Special Edition is priced $28 higher than the9th Gen Intel Core i9 9900K processor that it is based on. That isn a big price mark up for a chip that is more than likely better at gaming and overclocking. Last year, the Intel Core i7 8086K sold for $75 more than the Core i7 8700K that it superseded..

Children younger than 5, and especially those younger than 2, are at high risk of serious flu related complications, according to the CDC. Flu seasons vary in severity, but thousands of children are hospitalized each year related to the flu, and some children die. A flu vaccine offers the best defense against getting flu and spreading it to others, the CDC said..

The magnitude of Facebook surveillance scheme revealed by theCambridge Analytica storyhas led to public outcry and sentshockwaves through the political systems in the US and UK.The problems this story raises go beyond the Trump campaign, Cambridge Analytica, and even Facebook; they cast a shadow on the integrity of our democratic systems and expose the eroding privacy of individual citizens in democratic societies.What did Cambridge Analytica do?It hasemergedthat data from more than 50 million Facebook users has been harvested without their consent or knowledge by the data analytics company,Cambridge Analytica.The company collaborated with the developer of a Facebook app, thisisyourdigitallife. About 270,000 people downloaded the personality quiz app, which collected their profile information, as well as information from their friends profiles. This information was then handed to Cambridge Analytica, which used it for mass scale psychological profiling arguably the largest in history to help target political messages for the2016 Trump presidential campaign.In response, several Facebook executives have taken toTwitterto reassure us that the data leak was not technically a that no passwords were stolen, and that no systems were infiltrated.Not a a business modelWhile this statement is factually correct, it exposes a disturbing fact: the Cambridge Analytica story is an expected consequence of Facebook business model, which hinges on getting people to spend time on the site so the company can harvest targeted data about them and profit from it.The latest revelations are significant because they expose the extent of Facebook surveillance apparatus and the company unwillingness to inform users that their data has been harvested even though it hasknown about this for two years.They also show how our seemingly innocuous social media activity can be used to infer highly personal and sensitive information such as ourpersonality traits and political affiliation.The Facebook Cambridge Analytica debacle demonstrates how disturbingly easy it is to target tens of millions of people through social media with deceptive personalised messages that are aimed at manipulating their minds.Such campaigns are particularly effective when these messages are masqueraded as legitimate news items or social media posts and are designed to be most impactful based on the susceptibilities of each individual recipient.Such mass disinformation campaigns are reminiscent of dark times and pernicious regimes and should not be tolerated in democratic societies.Is privacy dead?The story also signals the erosion of individual privacy in democratic societies.

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