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A great many astronomers would observe the Andromeda Galaxy over the years, each colorfully describing it. However, as we know from history, it would be quite some time before its true nature as an external galaxy would be discovered. Here is where we must give the utmost respect to Sir William Herschel, who knew way ahead of everyone else, that there was something very, very different about Messier’s Object 31!.

Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) and Differential Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (DInSAR) have shown numerous applications for subsidence monitoring. In the past 10 years, the Persistent Scatterer InSAR (PSI) and Small BAseline Subset (SBAS) approaches were developed to overcome the problem of decorrelation and atmospheric effects, which are common in interferograms. However, DInSAR or PSI applications in rural areas, especially in mountainous regions, can be extremely challenging.

How the Optical PAyload for Lasercomm Science (OPALS) experiment will work on the International Space Station. Credit: NASAThe experiment page (last updated in May) says it is intended to work for about a year, with the current Expedition 37/38 and forthcoming 39/40 crews. That said, it appears the payload is not aboard station yet..

Social media (SM) allow users to easily create, edit, or share content. The vast numbers of individuals that converge around sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter embody a rich source of external knowledge that could be utilized for new product development (NPD). Complementing other channels for open innovation, SM can provide access to novel information about customer needs and technological solutions unknown to the firm.

Despite this, total amounts of foliage detected across the full canopy did not differ between deer density levels. High deer sites were 5 m taller overall and differed in the distribution of foliage across their vertical profile. Managed woodlands, in contrast, exhibited relatively minor differences from controls, including a lower quantity of stem material at heights from 2 to 5 m, but no difference in foliage density.

Collagen, the substance which gives skin its elasticity, is made of silica. Herbalists today use horsetail most often for urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and benign prostate hyperplasia (enlarged prostate). Almost any herbal kidney and bladder cleanse formula or tincture will contain horsetail.

The materials are also on the hard and cheap side, especially compared to the similarly priced Jeep Grand Cherokee, while the various knobs and buttons are from at least two Toyota generations ago. For instance, pushing down on the turn signal produces only one blink, unlike the three blink set up of virtually every other car. Then there’s in car technology.

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