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My son sprained his thumb during a baseball game about a week ago and we took him to the ER the next day as he was still in pain and it was very swollen to get it x rayed. For 2 weeks they wrote us a note for the school. In the note it also says that he can do outdoor recess but has to stay off climbing equipment for 2 weeks.

The first march organized by a small group of citizens who had met on Facebook and were concerned over the findings of an investigation of government bribes surprised everyone with an outpouring of nearly 30,000 participants. Tens of thousands of wiretaps in this investigation revealed conversations referring to “No. 2” and “the president,” believed to be code for Vice President Roxana Baldetti and Molina..

G., Stewart, A., Charoen, P., Southgate, J., Baker, S. C., Xu, Y., Hunziker, M., Lambert, H. J., Green, A. By the time they are “rich like dad” it because they lived off family $$ long enough to get the residuals needed to live normally. After that their 1st year sales commissions seem like “vacation bonuses” allowing them to splurge. Then they “look like super stars” and the cycle continues.

Schizophrenia is a rare debilitating brain disorder caused by genetic and environmental factors. About 3 million people in the United States suffer with schizophrenia during their lifetime. A growing body of research implicates a gene called disordered in schizophrenia 1, or DISC1, in the expression of schizophrenic symptoms.

Light Jacket / outerwear Patagonia. Amazing warranty, fit, and company mission. One of the few “luxury” goods I can justify. “We are in a period where we are straining this hotel’s space, and our options are not entirely optimal due to the hotel size in this area”Laura CherryLee Strom (Chairo)David Cooksey, and Jeff Ferris not atending.Chris “Bos’n” Bartlett, Further Confusion 2008 chairman to be held in this hotel. Dates to be determined by contract already signed, can’t remember. Someitme around now.

Dandies were the equivalent of today hipsters who placed particular importance on their fashionable appearance, elevating aesthetics to a religion, as the French poet and dandy Baudelaire wrote. The quizzing glass subsequently became a byword for a certain kind of sarcastic joke was, according to a 1865 dictionary, act of mocking by a narrow examination through a quizzing glass or by pretended seriousness of discourse. If you wanted to call someone out on their own biliousness, you might glare at them through your monocle..

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