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I have not heard one idea that, realistically, will resolve the mess we have created. One person, one group, an idealogy for peace is not enough; unless it is one for all and all for one, violence will be looked at as a solution to right, perceived or real, wrongs by those that lean that way. I haven’t seen anything to make me think that peaceful solutions are on the horizon.

Rectal examination was performed in 73.8 % of cases. Cases that responded positively to simple medical treatment were categorised retrospectively as non critical TM; cases that required intensive medical treatment, surgical intervention, died or were euthanased were categorised as critical TM. Eight hundred and twenty two cases met these criteria; 76.4 % were non critical TM and 23.6 % were critical TM.

When Harris moved north, he published a popular series of funny animal stories. These were uncute, violent tales, closer to Itchy and Scratchy than to Mickey and Donald. In 1947, Disney made Harris’ stories into Song of the South.. Larry Hopper, another forecaster at the Weather Service office, added another possible explanation about why what we’re seeing now might not be that weird. He noted that Central Texas was so far ahead of its typical rainfall totals last year the second wettest on record in Austin that a dry stretch could simply be returning to the totals a typical El Nio yields, totals that are still above normal. Rain does not typically fall in a steady pitter patter in Central Texas, but tends to come in cycles; an unusually wet period followed by a dry period can still be wetter than usual if they are averaged together..

It envisions giving to the appointed Community Advisory Board, a puppet group controlled by the Hutchinson administration, the power to make recommendations to Education Czar Johnny Key on the shape of nine school board zones (up from the previous seven thanks to a Republican sponsored change in state law in 2019). A map is to be submitted to the County Election Commission by March. Candidate filing would be from July 27 Aug.

This podcast from the famous music magazine is basically the magazine in audio form. Rolling Stone’s critics discuss news and timely music topics, and often have musicians on for interviews. They also dive into broader topics of music, such as the history of music genres or evolutions of styles.

At one point in Bartholomew Swims, lifeguards invite neighborhood residents and audience members to mark off the L shaped perimeter of the old Bartholomew Municipal Pool the one that offered reliable summer afternoon relief and was home to countless family picnics and birthday parties every summer from 1961 (when adult admission was 30 cents) until 2008. When the Forklift Danceworks team interviewed Tap that’s Jonathan Tapscott, a longtime Bartholomew swimmer and a pool mechanic who first worked for the Parks Recreation Department’s Aquatic Division in 1982 he told them that the old pool was also a gathering place for notoriously raucous last day of school crowds from all over North, Central, and East Austin. There was the occasional fight, but most of the time, the biggest trouble was when high school underclassmen “bombed” the senior lifeguards, repeatedly taunting them with forbidden activities diving into the shallow end, dunking each other, running on the decks which sent the lifeguards’ whistles and safety protocols into constant, frantic action.

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