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Boente is a longtime federal prosecutor who has a remarkably low key demeanor, although he has supervised high profile investigations and prosecutions. Attorneys from his office were involved in the probe of Hillary Clinton use of a private email server, and they won the criminal convictions which were later vacated against former Virginia governor Robert McDonnell, R. Representative William Jefferson, D La., and former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin, D.

If he’s stopping the run, it’s going to help out the receiver and the quarterback. If he’s not stopping the run because he’s so worried about the receiver and quarterback, now you’re getting four yards before that guy shows up. It makes people hesitate.

I can tell you a story about that too. I shared a bombing range with a B17 on one occasion at Boxmoor near Oxford. We’re at twenty five thousand feet. Thin film flows encountered in engineering systems such as aero engine bearing chambers often exhibit capillary waves and occur within a moderate to high Weber number range. Although the depth averaged simulation of these thin film flows is computationally efficient relative to traditional volume of fluid (VOF) methods, numerical challenges remain particularly for solutions involving capillary waves and in the higher Weber number, low surface tension range. A depth averaged approximation of the Navier “Stokes equations has been used to explore the effect of surface tension, grid resolution, and inertia on thin film rimming solution accuracy and numerical stability.

Director Louis Leterrier knows how to handle a big action movie and give the audience a fun time at the theatre. His last venture was The Incredible Hulk (2008) and before that he helmed Jason Statham adrenaline fueled Transporter 2 (2005). His vision of Clash of the Titans was spot on with how I would have gone about it, and although you can tell he a fan of the original, he has stripped all the pointless filler and made a solid version that will stand the test of time much better than its predecessor.

This article explores how the concept of consent to medical treatment applies in the veterinary context, and aims to evaluate normative justifications for owner consent to treatment of animal patients. We trace the evolution of the test for valid consent in human health decision making, against a backdrop of increased recognition of the importance of patient rights and a gradual judicial espousal of a doctrine of informed consent grounded in a particular understanding of autonomy. We argue that, notwithstanding the adoption of a similar discourse of informed consent in professional veterinary codes, notions of autonomy and informed consent are not easily transferrable to the veterinary medicine context, given inter alia the tripartite relationship between veterinary professional, owner and animal patient.

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