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It is a common but mistaken belief that air pollution from traffic is the biggest cause of asthma. Outdoor air pollution was much worse in British cities in the early part of the century, and if that were the direct cause, then the UK would have experienced a sharp fall in asthma sufferers since then, and there would be a clear difference between city and country dwellers. In actual fact, children across the UK have fairly similar levels of asthma.

While rodent cancer models have formed the basis of our understanding of cancer biology, the translation of this knowledge into improved outcomes has been limited. However, it is possible that a comparative one health approach to research, using a natural canine model of the disease, may help advance our knowledge on the biology of the disease. This will translate into better clinical outcomes for both species.

Regardless of your body type or size, you can be fashionable in a swimdress. The same dress designs that go into signature fashion dresses are also applied in the design of swimdresses. So fear not, you will not be buying a sack with three holes in it.

For the DFT D approach, B3LYP D3/aug cc pVTZ calculations are found to be in agreement with EOM CCSD for the ground and valence excited states. However, for the 3s Rydberg state of ethene argon and the n3s Rydberg state of formaldehyde methane significant deviation is observed, and this disagreement with EOM CCSD is present for a variety of DFT D based approaches. Variation of the parameters within the D2 dispersion correction results in closer agreement with EOM CCSD for the Rydberg states but demonstrates that a different parameterisation from the ground state is required for these states.

This is small comfort, when the Republican Congress must face what Dr. Gold calls the “Year Six Curse” the last president to serve six or more consecutive years without a major disaster or scandal was Teddy Roosevelt. Given the situation in Iraq, the hemorrhaging of jobs and mounting debt, the porous border, and myriad other issues, 2006 may prove a nasty year for the incumbents..

With the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria as well as highly lethal viruses, there is a need for a new way to combat these superbugs. Some of the most lethal viruses, which belong to the family Flioviridae, Arenaviridae and Bunyaviridae, as well as bacteria, use a phospholipid bilayer to protect the contents of either the virons or bacterial cell. In these families of viruses the phospholipid bilayer is crucial in is ability to fuse with and infect the host cell.

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