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Conversation can be a tricky thing. A great conversation leaves you feeling refreshed, stimulated, and even peaceful. A run of the mill conversation leaves you feeling like, why am I even here? A bad conversation experience can leave you drained, frustrated, and possibly a little angry.

The name ‘The Marx Brothers’ was coined by comic Art Fisher on May 15, 1914, and the inspiration for having all the brothers change their names so they had an ‘o’ on the end came from Gus Mager, a cartoonist who did the same thing with most of his characters. Groucho name came about from the ‘grouch bag’ that he used to carry around his neck under his clothing4. Harpo got his from the harp that he played and legend has it that Chico got his from his love of ‘chicks’5.

Unprecedented atmospheric ammonia concentrations detected in the high Arctic from the 2017 Canadian wildfiresLutsch, E., Strong, K., Jones, D. B. A., Ortega, I., Hannigan, J. “There can be drama [in the World Cup] without knowing exactly how much time is left. It’s up to the referee’s discretion but it always has been. There is a lot of power with the referee in soccer.

Scoring typically gives one point for each common response, and three points for anything deemed humorous or creative by the judges. Examples of common responses would be things like stop signs and apples. Creative ones could be that Mars is the red planet, newspapers are read or that Orville Redenbacher’s is a brand of popcorn.

Birth of George Hearne, the oldest of the three Test playing Hearne brothers (Frank and Alec were the others), and cousin of the famous JT Hearne. He played only one Test, against South Africa in Cape Town in 1891 92 Frank was on the opposite side a match in which he scored 0 and didn’t bowl. But he did take 686 first class wickets for Kent, at an average of under 17.

Extensive experimental campaigns were carried out with this novel sensor. The WMS was initially tested and validated against several other instruments such as high speed camera and gamma densitometry. It was subsequently applied to a large diameter bubble column and large diameter pipe with two phase flow.

The majority of the subgrouped cell lines (11/18) are Group 3 with MYC amplification. SHH cell lines are the next most common (4/18), half of which exhibit TP53 mutation. WNT and Group 4 subgroups, accounting for 50% of patients, remain underrepresented with 1 and 2 cell lines respectively.In vitro modelling relies not only on incorporating appropriate tumour cells, but also on using systems with the relevant tissue architecture and phenotype as well as normal tissues.

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