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Bruce says in the answer, filed on Jan. 25, that he “could have given governments a ‘weasel clause’ of ‘good faith,’ which is easy to allege and impossible to disprove, but he did not. He could have given lying politicians leeway by excusing false statements of up to 5% (here, up to $850,000, which was truly $900,000), but he did not.

Despite being the most urbanized province in the country, Sindh has an extremely high number of out of school children. It is currently estimated that 6.4 million schoolgoing children, or 40 percent of those who should be in school, are not attending classes at any institution. Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah gave these figures himself while addressing a visiting delegation that included diplomats from China, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileIt’s funny the way life works out sometimes. Truthfully I never set out to be a sports reporter but when I look back it’s almost as if the path was predestined!The reporter side really comes as no surprise. My family used to call me scoop when I was younger; a term coined by my dad, given to me as a result of my constant inquisitions into what everyone was up to in the family.

The N end rule pathway of targeted protein degradation is an important regulator of diverse processes in plants but detailed knowledge regarding its influence on the proteome is lacking.To investigate the impact of the Arg/N end rule pathway on the proteome of etiolated seedlings, we used terminal amine isotopic labelling of substrates with tandem mass tags (TMT TAILS) for relative quantification of N terminal peptides in prt6, an Arabidopsis thaliana N end rule mutant lacking the E3 ligase PROTEOLYSIS6 (PRT6).TMT TAILS identified over 4000 unique N terminal peptides representing c. 2000 protein groups. Forty five protein groups exhibited significantly increased N terminal peptide abundance in prt6 seedlings, including cruciferins, major seed storage proteins, which were regulated by Group VII Ethylene Response Factor (ERFVII) transcription factors, known substrates of PRT6.

Where is the evidence that using outdated technology to transport a small section of the Canberra community from Gungahlin to Civic on a fixed line and costing close to $1billion has taken into account the long term sustainable transport goals for the whole of Canberra? Instead, it seems Shane has taken the current government “common approach” of overemphasising the need for light rail and promising a costly solution as a first resort. As Shane says, “this is an approach which won serve any of us well in the long run”. Janet Werner, Wright Roads have long been seen by the environment movement as inherently undesirable.

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