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BMI measurements were similar between groups in the short term, although weight gain was less at very low dose compared to standard dose in one study. There was limited evidence that the incidence of some adverse effects was greater at standard dose compared to lower dose regimes. We found very little useful data and the evidence available is generally of low or very low quality.

With graduate student Farbod Kamiab, I have also tried to determine how dark matter halos the dense, roughly spherical structures that house galaxies and clusters of galaxies merge together. This is a tough dynamical problem for which no good analytic solution exists, so we looked at simple merger simulations to understand the problem and develop better theory for it. The results of this work should help us understand how the Magellanic Clouds are interacting with the Milky Way, what happens when galaxy clusters merge together, and how smoothly dark matter is distributed in our own Solar System..

“I don’t think it’s their fault. It’s not the parents fault,” Kelly told ABC’s Diane Sawyer Tuesday, in his first interview since his wife’s injury. He went on to say that he would be willing to consider meeting the Loughners in person. A Convolutional PML(CPML) was identified as the best, but it does not reach the efficiency of PMLs in the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method.Several frequency dependent refractive index models were proposed and implemented in TLM. A Tauc Lorentz model was identified as the best fit to the experimental refractive index of three chalcogenide glasses, but a Sellmeier model with one term and a coefficient was efficient for TLM implementation. The main concern in the use of these models within TLM was shown to be the error arising due to mesh dispersion.Kerr nonlinear models were formulated and implemented in TLM and the models applied to the study of a waveguide junction.

In order to make an efficient and power dense overall system, a close physical and functional integration of passive components is required instead of having a separate subsystem for passives. Such power dense system is vital in aerospace and marine applications. This paper presents the design optimization of integrated rotational inductors for high speed AC drive applications.

As it turns out, there are certain traits and habits that men and women have in common within their gender. I had asked the question; “What are the things woman do that piss you off” to a large quantity of random guys in their twenties located all over America. I then asked the opposing question to women who were also in their twenties.

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