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One of them, Ana Maria Archila, had recognized herself in Ford. She too had remained silent about a sexual assault more than 30 years ago. It took her a decade to tell her mother; her father only learned of the incident, she told TIME, when she buttonholed Flake on live television.

Ojeda Oscar D. Vargas Medina Trevor A. Win’E Michael C. That’s because the local utility, Lansing Board of Water Light (BWL), will offer incentives that match the $7,500 from the feds. According to the Lansing State Journal, the incentive is, “a $7,500 cash rebate to the first 25 buyers of the Volt in BWL’s service area and install high speed charging stations for those who make the list.” The financial assistance comes from a $750,000 grant from the federal government that is meant to promote electric vehicles in mid Michigan. BWL will also buy two Volts for its own use with the money..

The extra funding, however, is unlikely to insulate the agency from further pressure from Congress. Just this week two senators called for a criminal probe of the spill and Gardner plans to introduce legislation as soon as next week that would require the EPA spend more money to compensate communities affected by the accident. Sen.

TTL measurements from the Global Hawk unmanned aircraft show a marked contrast between the hemispheres, with mean ozone concentrations in profiles in the Southern Hemisphere between 100 and 150 hPa of between 10.7 and 15.2 ppbv. By contrast, the mean ozone concentrations in profiles in the Northern Hemisphere were always above 15.4 ppbv and normally above 20 ppbv at these altitudes. The CAST and CONTRAST aircraft sampled the atmosphere between the surface and 120 hPa, finding very low ozone concentrations only between the surface and 700 hPa; mixing ratios as low as 7 ppbv were regularly measured in the boundary layer, whereas in the free troposphere above 200 hPa concentrations were generally well in excess of 15 ppbv.

The Singing PlanetWe already knew that the ring system resembles the rotation of a vinyl LP while being played on a turntable. Then scientists found out that the rings play tunes, broadcast as radio waves. The frequency was too high for human aural reception, but a team at the University of Iowa lowered the tone to make them audible.

Measured to current standards Gonzales would not have been ranked number one because he had only played four and a half months in 1960 (one tour and one tournament): he wouldn’t have accumulated enough “Race points” to be the first but in 50’s or 60’s standards he was, for many (McCauley in particular) the number one. At the time Hoad considered Gonzales the best (in L’quipe in March 1961) and Rosewall didn’t consider himself as the pro king but others thought that Rosewall’s successes in the biggest tournaments made him the number one in the world (Robert Roy’s ranking in L’quipe). He trained his long time friend Hoad when the pros toured in Australia where Gonzales, back to the courts after a seven and a half month retirement, won another World tour featuring Hoad, Olmedo (replacing Rosewall), Gimeno and the two new recruits MacKay and Buchholz (Segura, Trabert, Cooper and Sedgman sometimes replaced the injured players).

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