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Owen Jacques is an award winning investigative journalist from Mackay, now based on the Sunshine Coast as APN Australian Regional Media’s Online News Editor. He has a strong background reporting on politics, business and breaking news. Owen has also specialised in resources reporting, which included a successful campaign to fight 100% fly in, fly out mining in rural Queensland towns..

Almost every asset class on the planet exhibits some evidence of frothiness these days, but some seem more vulnerable to higher interest rates. Normally, higher interest rates indicates that economic growth is firm, and that is good for listed companies. Gold typically loses its shine when interest rates climb, as the metal doesn pay any interest like a bank account will, but has already been beaten up heavily recently.

The origin of air masses during smoke haze episodes was studied on the basis of HYSPLIT backward air trajectory analysis for 4 days. In terms of the physical properties of PM, higher particle surface area concentrations and particle gravimetric mass concentrations were observed during the smoke haze period, but there was no consistent pattern for particle number concentrations during the haze period as compared to the non haze period except that there was a significant increase at about 08:00, which could be attributed to the entrainment of PM from aloft after the breakdown of the nocturnal inversion layer. As for the chemical characteristics of PM, among the six key inorganic water soluble ions (Cl’, NO3 ‘, nss SO4 2’, Na+, NH4 +, and nss K+) measured in this study, NO3 ‘, nss SO4 2’, and NH4 + showed a significant increase in their concentrations during the smoke haze period together with nss K+.

“I’m just happy that it’s coming out nicely at the moment,” said the understated Tahir after his match winning performance. “Now and then it will be a big challenge to bowl with the new ball with only two men out, but I’m up for the challenge. I’m really keen to learn and experiment, and see where I am.

Over the past year, there have been numerous LIRR delays due to track issues in the Amtrak maintained and operated tunnels. For example, this past July 12th, LIRR trains were delayed and some were canceled after debris struck the third rail at Penn Station. This past July 17th, LIRR trains were delayed during the evening rush hour due to a broken rail inside Amtrak East River Tunnels.

I sure you looking at it and thinking, “With those straps, how can it be comfy?” IDK how they did it, but they did. Proof: I had to Marie Kondo my way into only packing a duffle and backpack for a 12 day active vacation and, as a result, I had to make some sacrifices. In this case, it meant wearing this sports bra during travel.

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