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ESPN’s popularity allows it to demand that premium, which in turn gives it the kind of money to go after pricey rights to live sports. It recently inked a massive deal with the NBA. ESPN is also exploring its own standalone web offering, although the current plan is to test the waters with a service that streams NBA basketball games..

Kids are sponges, and they don even know they soaking it up, he said. Gets harder and harder to learn a language as you get older. These kids, at this age, are wide open. Away in the constellation of Cassiopeia some 7,100 light years from Earth, a star 40 times more massive than our Sun is blowing a giant bubble of its own material into space. Inside its magic blue sphere, the gigantic star burns at blue flame intensity rendering a 6 light year wide envelope of hot gas around it that’s expanding outward at a speed of 4 million miles per hour. Are you ready to open wide and step inside? Then welcome to a little dimensional magic..

On the other hand, it takes 24 hours, 39 minutes, and 35 seconds for the Sun to appear in the same spot in the sky above Mars (aka. A solar day), compared to the 24 hour solar day we experience here on Earth. This means that, based on the length of a Martian day, a Martian year works out to 668.5991 Sols..

Kilis, a border city that doubled in size with an influx of refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war, has given away thousands of free bikes, The Guardian reports. To watch children bike to and from school in a city where motorcycles come zooming by with three or four people aboard is to see change in action, he tells The Guardian.And for the kids, of course, the bikes mean freedom.”I’m very happy that I got it,” says one 9 year old of his new mountain bike. It’s black with red trim.Myriad theories have been put forward as to why President Trump suddenly announced he was ordering home US troops from Syria.

Threw the ball well, Padres manager Andy Green said of Lucchesi. Didn do too much for him offensively. You get to that sixth inning, his pitch count is low. The effect of replacing 13.6% and 20.3% of a total ration of fattening Awassi lambs by two combinations of fresh saltbush (Atriplex halimus) and fresh spineless cactus (Opuntia ficus indica) cladodes at a ratio of 1.9:1 (TRT1) and 1.7:1 (TRT2) on water intake, digestibility, blood metabolites, and fattening performance was evaluated. Thirty six lambs with average initial live weight 34.54.18 kg were randomly assigned to three diets (control, TRT1, and TRT2). The control received a diet containing 166 g/kg barley straw and 834 g/kg of commercial concentrate mixture; TRT1 comprised 126 g barley straw, 739 g/kg concentrate mixture, 47 g/kg spineless cactus, and 89 g saltbush; TRT2 comprised 67 g/kg barley straw, 704 g/kg commercial concentrate mixture, 86 g/kg spineless cactus, and 144 g saltbush.

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