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Stephanie is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. In her spare time, you’ll most likely find her Latin dancing or traveling with her husband. She loves exploring Florida’s beaches and tourist destinations and even blogs about them. The emerging Smart Grid (SG) paradigm promises to address decreasing grid stability from thinning safe operating margins, meet continually rising demand from pervasive high capacity devices such as electric vehicles (EVs), and fully embrace the shift towards green energy solutions. At the SG edge, widespread decentralisation of heterogeneous devices coupled with fluctuating energy availability and need as well as a greatly increased fluidity between their roles as energy producers, consumers, and stores raises significant challenges to ensuring robustness and security of both information and energy exchange. Detecting and mitigating both malicious and non malicious threats in these environments is essential to the realisation of the full potential of the SG.

This brought about excessive silting, increased the tendency toward flooding, created stagnant water areas, damaged crop production, contributed (in some areas) to a partial shift away from the productive aman rice cultivar to less productive cultivars, and provided a more hospitable environment for water borne diseases such as cholera and malaria. Such diseases clustered around the tracks of railways. The sandy soil of the east and the lighter sedimentary soil of the Sundarbans tended to drain more rapidly after the monsoon season than the laterite or heavy clay regions of western Bengal.

In this article, we draw on aggregate level data and individual level survey data from the British Election Study (BES) to explore how immigration shaped public support for Brexit. Our findings suggest that, specifically, increases in the rate of immigration at the local level and sentiments regarding control over immigration were key predictors of the vote for Brexit, even after accounting for factors stressed by established theories of Eurosceptic voting. Our findings suggest that a large reservoir of support for leaving the EU, and perhaps anti immigration populism more widely, will remain in Britain, so long as immigration remains a salient issue..

Michael Bennet. Glenn lost that race. This time, he’s one of many candidates challenging incumbent Congressman Doug Lamborn.. Current management of breast cancer (BC) relies on risk stratification based on well defined clinicopathologic factors. Global gene expression profiling studies have demonstrated that BC comprises distinct molecular classes with clinical relevance. In this study, we hypothesized that molecular features of BC are a key driver of tumour behaviour and when coupled with a novel and bespoke application of established clinicopathologic prognostic variables, can predict both clinical outcome and relevant therapeutic options more accurately than existing methods.

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