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‘Valuing Jazz: Cross cultural Comparisons of the Classical Influence in Jazz’ re examines the interaction of Western classical music and jazz, focussing particularly on developments in North America and Britain in the twentieth century. This dissertation acknowledges and builds on the existing connections that have been drawn between classical music and jazz both those that underscore the musical differences between the two idioms in order to discredit the latter, and those that acknowledge similarities in order to claim cultural legitimacy for jazz. These existing studies almost universally use outdated evaluative criteria, and I seek to redress this by using contemporary classical music practices and discourses as my point of reference.

Welcome back to the 25 ladies who braved the hot conditions to play in our first competition of the year. Congratulations to Danielle Seibel who finished with a 74 nett to win division one of Saturday’s monthly medal on a countback from Sam Hinze who won the overall runner up prize. Anne Lyons played well to win division two with a great score of 73 nett.

No matter how many times you screw up or how many times you fail a test, you cannot get fired. In fact, during the last week or so of Basic Training, things slow down. The trainees clean the barracks for the next batch. They were aided in this by the Avars, who had abandoned their treaty for the promise of the rich booty to be had in the city. On 29 June, 626, a force of 80,000 Avars approached Byzantium from the west, and the people withdrew within the massive Walls of Theodosius. Heraclius hadn’t left the city undefended there were 12,000 Byzantine cavalry to protect the city.

If there’s one team that defies West Coast offense more than any other, it’s the Bryce Love powered Stanford Cardinal. A bum ankle limited the human biology major and aspiring pediatrician down the stretch of his Heisman worthy campaign, but “Dr.” Love still blew away defenses with 19 house calls and an eye popping 8.1 yards per carry. The rising senior’s three scores and 178 yards from scrimmage put a dent in Washington’s Pac 12 title hopes during their head to head last season, and Stanford’s success was, for better or worse, leaning on his health..

We found no evidence that travel restrictions would contain influenza within a defined geographical area.CONCLUSION: Extensive travel restrictions may delay the dissemination of influenza but cannot prevent it. The evidence does not support travel restrictions as an isolated intervention for the rapid containment of influenza. Travel restrictions would make an extremely limited contribution to any policy for rapid containment of influenza at source during the first emergence of a pandemic virus..

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