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When applying the proposed technique for Global Positioning System legacy signals, mean offsets in the order of 3 ns for satellites and receivers were found to exist between the estimated DCBs and the IGS published DCBs. It was shown that these estimated DCBs are fairly stable in time, especially for the legacy signals. When the proposed technique is applied for the DCBs estimation using the newer Galileo signals, an agreement at the level of 1 “2 ns was found between the estimated DCBs and the manufacturer TMs measured DCBs, as published by the European Space Agency, for the three still operational Galileo in orbit validation satellites..

Captain Guillermo Kirschbaum will be playing in his fourth ICC Trophy (as will Hernan Pereyra and Donald Forrester). Matias Paterlini is a right handed top order batsman who topped Argentine run scorers in the 1997 ICC Trophy (including a fine unbeaten 77 against UAE). Diego Lord will likely open the bowling with Christian Tunon, and Pervez Rivero will be looked upon to take wickets with his medium pace.

Reason we are not close is that when she was little, I joined the military. For 11 months out of a year, I couldn be with my kids, he told a news conference in January. Was close to none of my three children So all I can say is, as a father, I feel I owe them.

Human Animal Relationships (HAR) in zoos develop from repeated interactions between animals and their caretakers. HAR have been shown to affect health and welfare in farm animals, but limited zoo based studies exist. This study investigates the association between the qualitative behaviour assessment (QBA) of emotional expression in giraffes and keeper action score in four types of keeper animal interaction (KAI).

Understanding how function relates to multiple layers of inactions between biological entities is one of the key goals of bioinformatics research, in particular in such areas as systems biology. However, the realisation of this objective is hampered by the sheer volume and multi level heterogeneity of potentially relevant information. This work addressed this issue by developing a set of integration pipelines and analysis methods as part of an Ondex data integration framework.

Measurement of enteric CH is complex, expensive and impractical at large scales; therefore, models are commonly used to predict CH production. However, building robust prediction models requires extensive data from animals under different management systems worldwide. The objectives of this study were to (1) collate a global database of enteric CH production from individual lactating dairy cattle; (2) determine the availability of key variables for predicting enteric CH production (g/d per cow), yield [g/kg dry matter intake (DMI)], and intensity (g/kg energy corrected milk) and their respective relationships; (3) develop intercontinental and regional models and cross validate their performance; and (4) assess the trade off between availability of on farm inputs and CH prediction accuracy.

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