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Doing what I do has taught me to really appreciate the people that make a restaurant; I mean really make one from the ground up with hard work, long days, stress, kitchens, appliances, ingredient suppliers, plates, silverware, table cloths, cooks, servers, the whole shebang! It is a lot of work. It takes a strong team, and a strong leader, to create a successful dining experience for their guests. And I get to meet these amazing people.

Protected areas are frequently inhabited by people and conservation must be integrated with traditional management systems. Cultivation of fruit gardens is a low impact agroforestry technique which alters the structure and composition of forest stands and has the potential to thereby influence animal communities. This is of particular interest in the rainforests of Southeast Asia, where limited fruit availability between intermittent mast fruiting events results in low mammal densities.

Background: The Patient Health Questionnaire 9 (PHQ 9) is a widely used instrument for measuring levels of depression in patients in clinical practice and academic research; its factor structure has been investigated in various samples, with limited evidence of measurement equivalence/invariance (ME/I) but not in patients with more severe depression of long duration. This study aims to explore the factor structure of the PHQ 9 and the ME/I between treatment groups over time for these patients.Methods: 187 secondary care patients with persistent major depressive disorder (PMDD) were recruited to a randomised controlled trial (RCT) with allocation to either a specialist depression team arm or a general mental health arm; their PHQ 9 score was measured at baseline, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. Exploratory Structural Equational Modelling (ESEM) was performed to examine the factor structure for this specific patient group.

The space shuttles are slated to be retired in September of 2010. NASA put out a call recently to ask what should be done with the shuttles post retirement, and many think they should be put in museums or on display in rocket parks. But futurist and entrepreneur Eric Knight, (founder of UP Aerospace and Remarkable Technologies) has a somewhat novel idea of what to do with the shuttles after they are done with their current duties: Send them to Mars.

Family HistoryAn enquiry should be made as to whether any of the patient’s first degree relatives (parents, grandparents, siblings, children) have had any major disease, or whether they are simply alive and well. In the case of dead relatives, the cause of death and age at the time should also be sought. A family history of disease relevant to the patient’s own likely diagnosis is particularly useful..

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