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How to create a good Online CV ?

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking where to start with all the online CV proposals available as soon you hit the search button in Google

Don’t worry we have put together a few guidelines for you to follow to make sure you get the best proposals. 


Online CV Creator, how to choose?

With a plethora of CV creators to choose from, it can seem quite challenging to decipher which ones are useful and which ones are a waste of time. When you reach the main page of the website, you should be greeted by a decent choice of CV Templates to choose from. A good CV website will understand that their clients can come from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries, all requiring different types of CV to cater for their respective industries. This should be the first key element, making sure the CV templates available cover a wide range of industry. 

Once you have chosen the CV template of your choice, you should be able to customise your CV in numerous ways and have a clear and concise structure layed out for you. As a generalistic perspective, a CV template should have the following structure: Personal Contact Details, Personal Statement (optional), Work Experience, Education and Hobbies. 

Once this has been established, under each paragraph should be the option to add more experiences or education achievements/degrees.

A good CV template must provide optionality on all aspects of your CV. If you have the option to use several templates in order to determine which one best suits your personality and the type of job role you are applying for, make sure to take full advantage of it.


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To pay or not to pay?

Finally, the question most of us ask ourselves when making our CV online is should we pay for it or not? Some candidates will say we shouldn’t as it is a simple service and most of the elements are still provided by the individual.

However, when you consider the time saved by having a well structured CV layout, a wide variety of CV’s to choose from and the great chance it will help you land a job role, the small price to pay is a very good investment to make in the long run.