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How to write a good CV?

Building a CV from scratch can be a difficult and time consuming task, especially if you are just starting your professional career. No experience from which to base your core competences or a clear idea as to what recruiters and employers are looking for on a candidate’s CV.

To help you create the perfect CV we have outlined 6 key elements that feature on any great CV:


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1. Personal Contact Information

Recruiters should be able to find this information in an instant. At the top of your CV should be all your relevant contact details if they wish to contact you. A CV without clear contact details will instantly be disregarded as they do not have time to look for these details through every CV is they are not at the top. 


2. Personal Statement

A key element for the United Kingdom market, a personal statement should be present just under your contact details. This enables the recruiter to get a grasp of your competences and personality in a snapshot if they do not have sufficient time to go through your entire CV.

Many employers make use of the personal statement only to determine if a candidate is worthy of an interview. Make sure to perfect this paragraph if you really want a job position. 


3. Work Experience

If you are a graduate who has just left university, don’t worry if you don’t have any professional experience just yet. The work experience section, where job roles should be presented in reverse chronological order, should show all your previous job occupations and the roles that you filled within those positions.

Employers like to see candidates who can demonstrate how soft and hard skills which have been learnt from past experiences will be relevant for the job they are currently seeking.


4. Hobbies 

Whilst some argue hobbies are not a necessary component for a professional CV, it can often be a differentiating factor if there are many good CV’s to choose from.

A recruiter is always curious to see what candidates are doing in their free time and what type of skills they are developing through them. These skills may be of use to the employer further down the line and increase your employability chances. Hobbies can be anything and everything, as long as it is something you are passionate about do not hesitate to include it.