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What is the best time of year to apply?

Is there such a thing as the best time to apply for a job during the year? Yes! Of course companies and recruiters employ people all year round to meet their requirements and grow companies, but there are several months of the year which hold a better chance of success for several reasons.



The beginning of the year, when most people come back from holiday vacations and many decide what to do with their respective futures. It is often at Christmas and very early January that a lot of employees decide to leave a job in pursuit of another career.

This creates the perfect storm for those seeking a job as human resources departments have been allocated their budgets for the year and numerous positions need to be filled fast. Furthermore, from the candidate’s perspective it is also a great time to apply as there is less supply of candidate application as there are in the later months of the year. So if you are reading this in January and are looking for a job, now is the best time to apply!





In continuation from the first two months of the year, these months are usually quite strong as well but for different reasons. Some recruiters will get their annual budget just after Christmas while others will get it in April, in line with the end of year for most companies in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, recruiters start to get a bit nervous if they feel they will not be able to fill demand needed for the summer months when experienced staff tend to go away for their summer vacation. This means recruitment needs to happen and in some cases quite rapidly, especially in seasonal roles.  



Arguably the worst months to apply for a job in many sectors as most of the management and recruitment staff are away on annual leave. This makes following up any applications lengthy and time consuming with often little positive outcomes.

It is often best to prepare for September by making sure you are aware of when key personnel will be back in the office for the companies you wish to apply to. Companies can very often be quite lazy when it comes to job applications and only look at the top of the pile, so make sure not to apply too early on in the summer season, especially if the deadline runs into September.