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Where to find a CV Template?

A CV Template is an essential tool when creating the perfect CV. It is a template which allows you to focus on inputting all the necessary credentials you have without the need to worry about the structure, the font, the spacing, the general structure or what colours to use to make it standout. Thankfully, with the Internet we are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the best CV template to suit your needs. 

Typing CV template in Google will give a million different links, all with the same offering, to help you create a CV in the space of minutes. What makes one better than the next one? The answer will always be subjective to some but there are a few general guidelines that can be followed to make sure you pick the best quality layout. 

First of all, make sure the website you have entered is professional. This means it should have  a great variety of templates to choose from, an area where you can seek advice from industry experts and the website in itself should be very clear and lacking any major red flags such as spelling mistakes or structural issues. After all, if the website from which you are going to purchase is not capable of being presentable itself, how can you expect the CV template to be any better. 


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What to look for in a CV Template? 

Once you have chosen your CV structure, it is important to make sure it follows the main characteristics of a good CV. At the top of your CV should be all your contact details, followed by a personal statement (especially if you are applying in the United Kingdom), your work experience, education and hobbies. Every element of your application must be relevant for the job role you are seeking, if it isn’t do not put it on your CV. 


What type of format to download?

Many formats are available when downloading your CV template, however 2 formats must always be used when applying for a job. The most common one, Microsoft Word, is used widely and is easily downloadable for recruiters to use and open your CV. Some firms will specify that they wish to receive your application in another format, such as .PDF.

Make sure to respect these requests as even forgetting to submit in the required format could result in your CV never being opened.